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Development Boards

PYNQ supports Zynq based boards (Zynq, Zynq Ultrascale+, Zynq RFSoC), Kria SOMs, Xilinx Alveo accelerator boards and AWS-F1 instances.

See the PYNQ Alveo Getting Started guide for details on installing PYNQ for use with Alveo and AWS-F1.

Downloadable PYNQ images

If you have a Zynq board, you need a PYNQ SD card image to get started. You can download a pre-compiled PYNQ image from the table below. If an image is not available for your board, you can build your own SD card image (see details below).

Board SD card image Previous versions Documentation Board webpage
PYNQ-Z2 v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 PYNQ setup guide TUL Pynq-Z2
PYNQ-Z1 v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 PYNQ setup guide Digilent Pynq-Z1
PYNQ-ZU v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 GitHub project page TUL PYNQ-ZU
Kria KV260* Ubuntu 22.04   Kria PYNQ setup Xilinx Kria KV260
Kria KR260* Ubuntu 22.04   Kria PYNQ setup Xilinx Kria KR260
ZCU104 v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 PYNQ setup guide Xilinx ZCU104
RFSoC 2x2 v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 RFSoC-PYNQ XUP RFSoC 2x2
RFSoC 4x2 v3.0.1 v2.7 RFSoC-PYNQ XUP RFSoC 4x2
ZCU111 v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 RFSoC-PYNQ Xilinx ZCU111
ZCU208 v3.0.1   RFSoC-PYNQ Xilinx ZCU208
Ultra96V2 v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 Avnet PYNQ webpage Avnet Ultra96V2
Ultra96 (legacy) v3.0.1 v2.7 v2.6 See Ultra96V2 See Ultra96V2
ZUBoard 1CG v3.0.1   GitHub project page Avnet ZUBoard 1CG
TySOM-3-ZU7EV v3.0.1 v2.7 GitHub project page Aldec TySOM-3-ZU7EV
TySOM-3A-ZU19EG v3.0.1 v2.7 GitHub project page Aldec TySOM-3A-ZU19EG

*For the Kria KV260 and KR260, follow the links above for guide for getting started with the Ubuntu image, and then follow the Kria PYNQ setup instructions to install PYNQ.

Build a PYNQ image

The following binary files can be used to build PYNQ for a custom board. See the PYNQ image build guide for details on building the PYNQ image.

Prebuilt board-agnostic root filesystem, and prebuilt source distribution binaries:

Previous versions:

Recommended getting started board

PYNQ-Z2 board

The PYNQ-Z2 board from TUL is the recommended board for getting started with PYNQ. The PYNQ-Z2 is a low-cost Zynq 7000 development board suitable for beginner and more advanced projects. It has many features and interfaces that are useful for trying out the capabilities of the PYNQ framework.

Device Zynq Z7020
Memory 512MB DDR3
Storage MicroSD
Video HDMI In & Out ports
Audio ADAU1761 codec with HP + Mic, Line in
Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Expansion USB host (PS)
GPIO 1x Arduino Header
  2x Pmod*
  1x RaspberryPi header*
Other I/O 6x user LEDs
  4x Pushbuttons
  2x Dip switches
Dimensions 3.44” x 5.51” (87mm x 140mm)
Webpage TUL PYNQ-Z2 webpage

*PYNQ-Z2 RaspberryPi header shares 8 pins with 1 Pmod